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Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker

With our 301 Redirect Checker tool you'll check and validate web site or domain redirect sorts. Having correct url redirection on your web site is a crucial issue for SEO (url canonicalization and duplicate content), and will not be neglected - as a result of it is simple to envision and fix with RedirectChecker.com!

Whether your webserver is Linux (Apache using .htaccess or Lighttpd) or Windows (IIS), browse our straightforward step-by-step tutorials to quickly setup your redirects.
And if you are looking to try to to configure the redirection from at intervals the code of your programming languages, we've guides for PHP, ColdFusion, ASP or ASP .NET, JSP (Java), Javascript, and CGI Perl!

http://www.BLOGS4SEO.BLOGSPOT.COM. and you produce a redirect such that whenever any visitor sorts within the URL http://www.BLOGS4SEO.BLOGSPOT.COM he's automatically redirected to http://www.BLOGS4SEO.BLOGSPOT.COM.com/widgets/, If the Search Engine isn't able to follow the redirect it might suppose that http://www.foo.com has NO contents, http://www.BLOGS4SEO.BLOGSPOT.COM would find yourself ranking terribly badly in search engines.

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