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Apply These 12 Secret Techniques To Improve -How-to-optimization-your-website-best-secret-of-seo

Domain: Before you choose a site name you must recognize your target market, and what you plan to sell to them. Attempt to use major keywords in your domain. Using a [.com] version of a URL is healthier than alternative versions.

Contact page: style a contact page and place your E-mail and mail address with phone variety.

About Us: it's necessary everybody visits your web site is aware of who are you, therefore style an concerning Us page.

Robots.txt file: With robots.txt file you'll limit access of search engines to your web site.

Site map page: Whit website map visitor and search engine will browse your pages simply.

404 error page: produce a 404 error page.

Page Title: use your- keywords on page title.

Use header tags: <hi-place your topic in header tag.</

Keywords Meta Tags: Like blogs4seo

Description Meta tag Keywords: blogs4seo,blog spot seo

Add image tags: use various Image Text but relative with heading tag

Use header tags for:<h2 sub heading.</

Keyword Density: The share of times a keyword seems on your page, compared to the whole variety of words on the page.

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Men For Hire said...

Awesome stuff. I've been adopting some of these technique to my website, good to see I've learnt a few more of you :) Many thanks

Rauniyarr10 said...

Thanks again visit my blogs.We help more about search engine optimization best secret of seo.

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