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Get Traffic Do Follow Social Bookmarking Site

 The most necessary use of a social bookmarking website is that the users keep returning for any updates on an everyday basis. Most of them enable users to own a back-link to their website. However if the standard of the content isn't sensible, users might not come once more therefore losing the valuable traffic and in bookmarking pages to lose their valuable link juice profit to different pages. This additionally resulted in losing page rank worth etc.

In the case of do follow, the site instructs Google bot to crawl the back link and that's  way You get the targeted page gets valuable link juice profit. however here there's one downside. If the site allows each user to link back to their pages no matter the standard of the content, this can greatly scale back the profit to the location. As a result of back links to the dangerous pages will eat up the reputation of the hosting website. Therefore over the amount, social bookmarking sites started recognizing the actual fact that every one the back links of the site don't purpose back to the great pages solely however to the unhealthy pages too. They found that ultimately they're losing the worth of the site. In order that they set to create all back links from their website as no follow so back link profit won't be shared back to different pages. This way they're not losing out any link juice to the other pages.

By exploitation only social bookmarking sites which permit do follow back links one will get the advantage of back link juice. Here Google spider crawls the back link inform to an external website and index that page. this way that external website gets indexed by Google spider thereby permitting it to be stratified within the search engine results.
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