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World Class Tools Make 10 Things to Avoid to Establishing Your Local Presence Push Button Easy

1. Not bothering to update your listings

First, stick to listings that are relevant to your industry and area, as some tend to be spammy and may hurt your chances. Next, make sure that all your information across all directories is updated and accurate; otherwise, you may lose prospects. Include open hours, contact numbers and your address.

2. Not focusing on local keywords

Localized search engine marketing provides a unique opportunity for you within your area of business. It will give you an edge over larger companies that tend to focus on other aspects than the one near your office.

3. Not putting any attention to reviews

It's all good if customers leave reviews about your business online, but there are still more ways you can encourage more reviews. Provide discounts, freebies and other incentives in exchange for honest reviews from genuine customers.

Formulate timely and appropriate responses to reviews, both positive and adverse. This way, customers looking at your profiles online will see that you care.

4. Not using Google My Business and Local Google+ pages

Google My Business lets you update your information in one place so that prospects looking for your type of business will have the right information. Keep your data updated to make sure that you can maximize online presence and encourage people to interact with your business.

5. Not establishing ties with other local businesses

Other businesses in the area can help you when it comes to establishing yourself within the larger community. It will help you build a secure network as well as get more people to notice what you have to offer. Ties with other businesses can widen your prospects for future partnerships and more opportunities.

6. Not taking advantage of local events

 It can include a wide variety of activities, such as promos, discounts, special offers, gifts and more. Get creative and make customers feel extra special on special events.

7. Not giving back to the community

A good cause helps you do something meaningful for your community, helping you increase involvement as well as visibility.

8. Not looking for more ways to improve

There will always be a need for more improvements and changes to go along with the progress happening every day. Look for ways that you can grow your business online.

9. Not paying attention to site content

The first thing customers will want the look at will be your website, so make sure that your content is fresh, concise and accurate. Incorporate modern and professional design, including mobile, and make sure all information is up to date.

10. Not building your brand around local trends

Since you're targeting local audiences, make sure that your business approach is something that impacts their lives. Take advantage of local patterns and quirks to stand out. Think what the locals are looking for, how they live their lives and structure your brand around that.

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