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Website optimization techniques

How To Improve At Website Optimization Techniques In 60 Minutes?Website content optimization is common sense,who doesn't want a fast find site with engaging content.Here is a detailed optimization techniques-

Unique visitors
A server hits is an HTTP request for a single web objective.Ones web page view can require many hits to the server.You can increase your unique audience by providing fast,engaging web pages.Tracking new unique visitors can help you track audience growth.

Average time on site and length of site
Click Tracks is one of the best measure of user engagement.

Pages per visit
The number of pages that which consumed during a visit is a broad and simple measure of user engagement.Pages per visit measure that can indicate possible flow states of high engagement.

Bounce rate
The bounce rate is the percentage of user who left your site without browsing to another page or terminating.You should examining pages with high bounce rates closely for improvement to content.

Conversation rates
The ratio of the number of objectives accomplished when compared to unique visitors is your converation rate.You can boost your conversation rate.

Primary content consumption

Every site visit has to have entry point
.This is the percentage of time that a page constitutes the impression of a site.

Path loss
Path loss is the percentage of times that page was seen within a visitors navigation path where the visitors was terminated without bouncing.Path loss can indicate incomplete information or misguide search marketing.

Keyword or campaign
Which keyword or campaigns are making you the most money or searching position.

Cost per conversation
If the cost per conversation for a particular campaign,like ad group or keyword is larger than the average sale value for the include items.

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